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How A Dream Became A Reality, The First Arabic Online-Portal For Business Continuity.

I started my journey with Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Ten years ago. Through this period, I executed multiple projects in the Middle East concerning Business Continuity, Crisis Management, IT DR  and Risk Management. I have noticed, throughout the projects that I have executed, that an increase in the level of awareness within the organizations/institutions and countries, results in an easier, more facilitated execution of Business Continuity Management Programs.

Through the past 5 years, I witnessed our Arab world specifically and the world in general have experienced multiple disasters and crises that could have had less of an impact and been strategically managed, had there been an increase in the awareness within institutions and countries.

I came to realize through my experience in Business Continuity that the presence of an Arabic content hugely assists the increase in awareness and the readiness to deal with disasters and crises.

As an expert in the field of Business Continuity, both in in the  Middle East and globally, with a duty towards representing my country and the my Arabic nation, I dedicated a huge portion of my time through the previous Three  years to contribute to the presence of Arabic content on Business Continuity. This was done in collaboration with the The Business Continuity Institute (BCI ) and Disaster Recovery Institute (DRII ) .  However, I considered these efforts as humble and incomplete. I have always had a strong belief that accessible academic and technical  resources are the gate to an increase in the awareness within the community and the Arab world.

I was and will always be a believer of open source and free education, and I have complete conviction that this is the way to raise awareness within the community and the Arab countries.

This is where a dream was borned in the cradle of my mind to develop a complete Arabic content on Business Continuity, Crisis Management and all other related fields. The project started as a mere idea in February 2015, and I pursued multiple developers across many countries to help me realize my dream. For an entire year, I worked on this dream, through dedicating time in my daily routine to develop it. By March 2016, the dream  came to light and became a reality, with “ Estmrarya Academy “ The First Arabic Online-Portal For Business Continuity, Crisis Management and natural emergency response.


We designed and executed the Portal to provide its services for the following audiences:

  • Community: A series of videos and info-graphics explaining how to manage crises and disasters.


Business continuity enthusiasts: Detailed, simplifies explanation of the essence of business continuity and the comprehensive mechanism for execution.

  • Institutions: Free bimonthly  awareness courses and free tools for execution.


As the first Arabic language portal of its kind, with content that offered free of charge,We  launched a portal focusing on providing technical and specialized e-content in the fields of Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery.

We aim to provide free scientific content on a world class level,In the coming period there will be several free awareness sessions in collaboration with some universities and institutions, and we will also be holding training for employment fairs,

We are doing this for the purpose of contributing to the increasing awareness within the Arab world of how to deal with crises, disasters and emergencies and to maintain the continuation of vital services during exposure to them.


The Estmrarya Academy provides the first dictionary of integrated terms in Arabic in the field of business continuity, crisis management, risk management and disaster recovery.
Estmrarya Academy will also offer the first series of integrated videos in Arabic to the world to explain how to deal with emergencies and natural disasters.

The portal also includes the first series of info graphics in the Arabic language in the world on how to deal with emergencies and natural disasters. In addition, it provides an integrated methodology and detailed steps on how to implement business continuity within the institutions, companies and authorities’ management program.

As I said previously that I am a believer of open education  and my hope is to add value and to contribute however little in making the middle east more resilient in the face of crises and disasters.