Oil & GAS


Oil & GAS

Customer Overview

Our client is a leading  Oil & Gas  entity  in the Middle East


Customer objectives

  • Determine visibility of current IT capabilities
  • Identify current Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity GAPs
  • Assessment of the current IT systems and the critical functions
  • Evaluation of IT Business Impact Analysis (IT BIA) to identify Critical Applications and IT dependencies, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigation roadmap of overall IT risks
  • Ensure faster recovery and continuity of critical operations following disruptions
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Demonstrate commitment to providing outstanding service



The scope covered review, assess and evaluate  the  customer  IT Data centers, IT Disaster Recover site ,IT dependencies and IT Risks , threats and vulnerabilities.


The Solution

Estmrarya proposed the solution that including conduct IT Data center assessment and provide a road map for enhancement


The elements of the solution were

  1. Determine the context of organization
  2. IT Data Centers Risk Assessment and Treatment Plan
  3. Evaluation of the current infrastructure of the IT Datacentres
  4. IT Data Centers Business Impact Analysis
  5. Evaluation of the IT Architecture
  6. Develop Road Map Strategy


  1. Technical GAP analysis


The Results 

  • Minimizes the impact of service disruptions on customers
  • Improved IT Data Center performance
  • Reduce IT Risk profile
  • Minimized impact of business disruption
  • Improved ability to meet customer expectations
  • Ensure continuity of IT Services


The project was highly successful. It met all targets for delivery and budget.